Access Regained!

Celebrate! Raise the flags! After a six month break-up between my organ and I, we are finally back together, writing beautiful things through my colourful keys onto the lovely internet database of WordPress. Simply put, I have been locked out of my blog because of a failed security feature, but the staff at WordPress have been very helpful and have finally helped me re-gain access, bliss!

So, there is a lot coming for you. I so wish I could have just journeyed it all along the way, but it will come in pieces, my progression, the change that has taken place, the struggle, as I have previously written about, and where I am with that struggle.

I also did a personal poetry challenge in February. I promised myself to write a poem every day, the most annoying, difficult, lovely challenge as of late. I ended up with about 17 poems, that’s not too bad is it? 11 less than I should have completed.

And I have moved, and I am graduating this summer with my degree,





Also, some new poetry fav’s are on the way. The writer’s, not new at all, but new to me because I have been reading through Emily Dickinson’s Collected Poems, and wow, I think we could be friends. I totally get her. Yet, there are moments I squint my eyes and I want to look at her and be like, “…what?” And a new venture, John Milton’s, Paradise Lost, has anybody read it? Studied it? Have any recommendations on what edition is best? I have read quite a few essays on it, but have not yet dived in; it is on my coming up list.

Also, I will share some updates on what has been happening with some of my writing, and the whole R word that is ugly and hurtful, and we try to not take offence but we almost do anyway.

This summer I am taking 18 credit hours of english lit… [insert eyebrow raise here]. English is my minor, so I decided just to leave it for my last semester, (unintentionally). So now I have an entire summer planned of english classes, but thank God the psych classes will be finished. I am excited to bathe into some new literature this summer, some Shakespeare, Christian literature, topics from American Realism, and a lot of expository writing. I think it will be a challenging, but exciting summer. And I bet I will have lots to discuss on here, so please, be watching, and please, feel free to share your thoughts, writing, anything with me! Via comment, email, link, etc. Writer’s need people. And people need pens. And pens need paper. And paper want eyes. Your eyes, my eyes. Our eyes.

Our thoughts will meet again, 

until very soon,

but for now, have a sweet evening,

and I will be dancing with the moon tonight,

possibly celebrating too.

Until very soon…





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