Did anyone say chips?

Daily Post Writing Prompt: What’s your biggest junk food weakness?

I know sweets are fun, and judging by most of the posts here, it appears to be mostly everyone’s favourite junk food shelter. For me, nooooo way. I love chips. Sweets, they are ok. I can have some twizzlers, maybe some Mike and Ike’s and M&M’s, but I would toss it all for a bag of chips. Doritos Cool Ranch with a sip of Sprite creates a fuzzy fiesta party in my mouth. They are just so flavourful. I love the crunch, the seasoning, and the carbs. The BBQ Doritos are also good, especially with chocolate milk. Because I went through a phase where I would eat Doritos too much, I only buy them once a month now. I do groceries every two weeks, so once in those two trips I will get them. I am always stocked up on Tortilla Chips though. As long as there is cheese, salsa, and those bag of crunchy salty’s in my cupboard, all is well. I make nachos at least once a week. If I am making them for more than one, I put them on parchment paper and pop them in the oven. If I am making them just for me, then I always do the microwave. I almost prefer the microwave. I remember in Elementary school, my mom would make me nachos in a container, and then on my lunch I would put them in the microwave. By then, they were soggy because they were sitting in a container for four hours, and I liked it that way.

I just had some last night, I mean, I could have some for supper, again,  just load them up with veggies…right?

What is YOURS?!




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