Dear dream Reader, Hello dear Writer

Dear dream reader,

today I was challenged to write to you, so I am. I am thinking of all the things I would like to tell you, share with you, write about. The common theme that comes to mind is my musings; about life, because I feel that I think a lot. I do not just wake up, follow a schedule and go to sleep, I do not do the same thing over and over, I hate that. No, I think a lot. I introspect. I don’t usually go through a day without some kind of deep thought about something. And usually, I write those deep thoughts, and I write them for myself, and share them, for you.

Myself, because that is how I process everything in my mind and heart, that is the best way it comes out. That is the best way for me to be a person, to write. For you, because maybe you need to hear what I am thinking. Maybe you are a deep thinker also, and you can relate. Or maybe you do not have much introspection in your life so you need to read it, or maybe you are fumbling through some of the things I am. Perhaps you could be a searching person like me, or maybe there are a lot of things that you are trying to figure out like I am, and reading my words remind you that you are not alone. Or maybe reading my words inspires you to share something with me that I may need to hear, or reading my words may spark you to think about something further. For whatever reason you read them, you read them because in some kind of way, they challenge, comfort, and/or inspire you, and I have written them for that. I have written them for you, my dream reader.

What I share with you, is often difficult. It never comes easy, and I don’t mean the writing part. Writing is good, usually once I start it all flows out like milk, but actually publishing it, that parts make me hesitate a bunch, because what I write comes from a deep private place inside of me, and sharing it with you is sometimes uncomfortable. Sharing my personal journey with faith and the bigger part of it, the struggle, has been an iffy subject always. Posting my poetry sometimes feels like placing my hand on a table where there is an ax laying next to it- possible to be cut. Writing an ‘About me’ page just stresses me out, I don’t know what to write about myself?! I mean, what if you don’t like it? What if you don’t understand? All these concerns, all these thoughts trailing through my mind, all sitting in front of the publish button.

But I remind myself that I did choose to be real. That I have decided to go beyond my journal pages and write this for you, for me. So I will be vulnerable, I will hit the publish button for you, and give you a piece of myself. And if you are also a writer, then I will probably be looking for you, so we can exchange pieces of ourselves, together.

Dear writer, the things I write and share, are also because they are the things that I hope to read from you. We are all someone’s dream reader, right? We all read something, we are all an audience for someone, for a certain genre, a style.  Maybe I am yours, and you just don’t know it yet. What I search for, what usually gets me, is stories, challenges, thoughts, and reflection. I love when you share your heart, because I know it is difficult for you. I enjoyed your poetry yesterday, it made me stop a couple times. I know it is hard to tell me about that, because you have never met me before. It must be difficult to share your struggles in that area, but thank-you for writing about it. Did you know your words have brought me comfort a few nights? Many times when friends were not there, and no one responded, your words were there, just waiting for me to find them. Your words have made me cry a couple times. Sitting down in a cold break room wearing my tacky blue vest, your words have inspired me. Drinking my morning coffee, there have been times where your words have made me feel at home, they reached out to me, I felt that I knew you, because you were inviting me too. I wish we could live in the same city, I know we would be friends. Even through we are both probably introverts, we would be friends.

Writer, when I find your posts that I know came from a raw place, I value it, because I know how difficult it is to open yourself to a digital world. But I want you to know, writer, that I am your reader, and if you may look at your follower count in dismay, just know that I read your words, somewhere, completely different than you, I read your words. I hear you.

Keep writing,

because you need to.

Dream reader, when you read my posts, remember that I keep you in mind as I write. I think about what you really want to hear. I speculate what you really want me to push through. I dig a little deeper, because of you. I share a little more, for you. I open myself more, I ask myself more, and I am more honest, because of you.

You are my dream reader.

photo by me



    1. Yes, sometimes it is challenging to walk across the line of “what if, what will they think, Am I even goon enough” thoughts. I think vulnerability is a choice, a hard and uncomfortable choice sometimes. Thank-you for reading!

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