Vital Organ: What it’s all about

This is a part of the “About” series: everything you need to know about this blog. 

Good morning! This week, I am very excited to publish an About series, so you can get to know my blog a little better, and the relationship between my writing and I. I feel this is important so you can understand why I write, and what I write, and what kind of things to expect on here, and why you should follow me, so we can grow and be readers and writers together. Today I am starting with my title. I want to share with you what is behind VitalOrgan, what it actually means to me.

The name has nothing to do with organ transplants, I know a couple have wondered that. But we can stay on the topic of organs, because I chose that word specifically, and placed vital in front of it, intentionally. I know you know what vital means- it stresses the dire necessity of something, and you know what an organ is- an important part of our bodies serving a specific purpose. Organs are vital.

I need my heart. I need it to beat, I need it to work and keep my body alive. You just inhaled, and you exhaled, I think you really need those lungs. I wouldn’t be writing without my brain, you wouldn’t be reading, we would all be aimless. They all work together, my heart, my lungs, my brain, and more, to keep me alive, to keep me operating, to keep me human. Writing is the same way. I need writing. To express myself the right way, to understand myself, figure out what is going on with me. Writing is necessary to me. It is one with me. That is why, three years ago in a hotel lobby I chose to name my blog VitalOrgan, because I needed too, it was vital, writing it vital.

Within the blog, there are top categories in which I organize my work. Scribbles is the parent tab of my three writing tabs, creative writing, journal entries, and the struggle. The pieces in the Creative Writing category are more formal, organized essay-like pieces. Posts under the Journal Entries tab are less formal, and more so a place for me to write my thoughts without much structure or planning. The Struggle is where I list all my posts that have to do with spirituality and faith. The Poetry tab is where I will list both my own and my favourite poetry.  Contact is where you can come and contact me!

You can find the follow icon and start following my blog so you are one of the first people updated when I publish a new post.

Part 2- Those Dark Caves: Why I Write

photo by me



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