Wandering Away

I read this prompt this morning, and have been thinking about it all day. I love to travel, all the time. I even thought about becoming a travel agent as a day job, because I love to plan trips, and I would love to plan them for people, I can be a writer at night, right?! I have not been on a plane in eight months, I get antsy when I am in a place for too long. Just the weekend past I visited Virginia Beach, already I’m planing on driving to a big city soon with my sister, and I can’t wait for vacation in a few months. I love going to new places, to marvel at something new. Five places that I have not been too but that I would like to visit are

1) Seattle, Washington. Because it is WEST! I have never been that far west before. I want to go to Pike Place Market and drink coffee at the first Starbucks, because I just love their Americanos. Maybe I can get drenched with rain and just lye on the sidewalk, with an Americano.

2) Oxford, England. I have been to England a couple times, but each time I have not made it to Oxford. I could think of many reasons why I would love to go. The university is ancient, there would be so much to appreciate about it. I would love to visit C.S. Lewis’s house, The Kilns. I am ready to fall in love with another English city.

3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I want to go to Anne Frank’s House. I think it would be important for me to be there, because I enjoyed reading her diary so much. Sometimes visiting a person’s house, grave site, and other special places help you see them in a new colour, it brings their story to life. Riding around on a bicycle packed with fresh flowers would also be a pretty site.

4) Auschwitz, Poland. I don’t even know if I would be able to make it through the entire camp without falling apart, but I want to go, I have always, always wanted to go. In Elementary school, my class spent a couple weeks doing a special study on the Holocaust, I learned so much, it just broke me. Recently I have visited the Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C., and it just reminded me of everything again, the tragedies. I would like to visit Auschwitz once in my life, to pay honour to the fallen, and to be reminded to never forget.

5) France (Normandy, Versailles, Country side). I’ve visited Paris, but there is so much more in France I want to see! I would love to take a tour with a group, so that everything can be translated and I can soak up all the history and stories that local guides can give. Seeing the palace of Versailles, visiting the Normandy beach on D-day, and seeing all the lovely spots of France would be wondrous.

Hmm, now I have some ideas brewing for next year…

photo retrieved from http://wallpapers.brothersoft.com/amsterdam-view-108163-1920×1200.html




  1. I like your list. I’ve been to a few of those places. I haven’t gone to Auschwitz but I have visited Mauthausen in France. I’ve never felt so cold ..it was the middle of July on a sunny day and I was so cold.

  2. Nice list. It’s a lot more detailed than the one I keep in my head (it’s full of specific locations like “Somewhere in France” and “Somewhere in New Zealand”) lol. The most West I’ve been is California, but my favorite West was the Grand Canyon. Beautiful place

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