What’s the point of all these religions

It’s late, and I am writing a completely unfiltered and unedited post. Sometimes, these are necessary, because bare thoughts are good. Honest reflection is good. I am not afraid to share it.

What’s the point of all these religions?

Some people say, to each his own.

Others say, to hell with religion all together, no one needs it.

Many people say many different things.

I am here, very late at night, thinking about religion. I just read a comment from someone that said each person has their own religion, and as long as everyone is tolerant then there is nothing wrong with it. That spurred me onto thinking about it, what’s the point of it anyway?

There are hundreds of religions, and millions of people practising different ones, they perform different rituals, they follow different rules, they have a different set of moral codes that give them a worldview, and they have a belief about what the purpose of life here on earth is, what happens after death, all different ideas; does it make sense to believe yours is true, when it conflicts with the claimed truth of another.

What is the point.

Are any of them true.

Is the point of having a religion to believe that your religion is true? Well common sense would be a big yes. If you’re practising it, then you obviously believe in it, it is truth to you.

But here is my thought right now,

how can there be a hundred of religions, with a hundred conflicting truths.

how can there be a hundred gods

how can there be a hundred of different afterlife’s

if one is true, how can they all be true.

if we have numbers 4, 3 and 4+3=7, but someone else wants to say it = 9, do we let them believe it is 9? or do we say that they are wrong, it is not true, it is 7.

4+4=8, but if we reallllly wanted it too, could we say that it = 13? even though it’s not true…

I just find myself thinking about all the religions,

hundreds of religions

millions of people,

all claiming truth.

if one is true, then it dispel’s the truth of the other,

if truth is relative, then there is no such thing as truth at all,


if truth is, what truth claims to be, then the hundred of religions around cannot all be true,

if truth is absolute, then truth defends itself, truth would only come down to one thing,

there can’t be 12 different answers to 4+4…

we only have one,

it’s 8.




  1. Should there really be a point to religion? There might be a lot of different religions out there, I think they can all be seen as guidance along the way of life. Support and hope when you need it and when you call on it.
    I also think most of the basic principles in different religions are the same. It’s important to be good to the person next to you, it’s important to be compassionate, it’s important to forgive…

    The thing that differs the most are the people and the way they interpret different religions. And just like any aspect of life, religion is one of those things where we meet extremes. Sadly, not all extremes are positive…

    I’m not an expert on religion, I just live in a city where a lot of different ones are mixed and I believe that a lot of conflicts could be solved if we could just keep an open mind and share our point of views and different beliefs.
    f.e. I’m a Christian and I live right next to a Mosque. In times of Ramaddan, there are so many Muslims out there at night, praying and spending time with their family and friends. It’s the time of year that I feel most safe to walk home alone at night. Because even if we have different religions, it has happened before that when I needed help they stood up for me.

    I hope this comment makes some sense 😉 It does so in my head 🙂

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