I need life

I am still breathing, still alive in the midst of the heaping piles of math that lay upon me. I have been dealing with that junk for weeks, and it’s just sucking every good mood out of me. My mom asked me twice this week if I am ok, my sister asked me what’s wrong… now they all know, oh, she was just doing or is about to do Math homework.

My math class is over the end of this week, but I procrastinated big time half way through the course, so now I am left with some grace from my professor and my own will to try to get this nasty-ness completed. If I get it done, I will never have to take the bloody thing again.

Because I have been so consumed with it, I have not had the time to sit and do much writing, or reading for that matter. It is sad. And I feel that not much is new with me, but yet there are things that are new since I have last written; including a new book and culture club I recently joined, my plans to embark on oil painting this summer, and how I am not prepared for this death heat that I am living in every day. I need more t-shirts, more pants that are not jeans, more water, or I will die.

Just as the spring semester is coming to a close this week, I will be starting my summer semester on Monday…oh joy. I am excited to be reading, but I am intimidated by the course load that will be demanded of me. But alas, the sweet moment will come when I receive that degree in my hand, in August. And then, all the anxiety of everything that comes after that will set in, intruding on the sweet moment of accomplishment. I have no idea what comes after that. When I finish my math, perhaps I will write more about it, graduating.

Back to the painting.

I cannot wait to start my class. I’ve painted with acrylics for like, ever, but I have never dabbled into oils. I hate pulling the ‘some day I will’ card, so I just slapped the excuse in the face and hunted down some of the best oil classes here for beginners. So now I am registered. And that is exciting, right?! Trying new things! Doing things that just simply bring joy and can provide another outlet for creativity for me, and also to be challenged in something that I have never done, it IS exciting. I may bomb it. But if I do, at least I have peace that I experimented with it.

OH, and has anyone been to Starbucks the past couple weeks? Have you noticed the ‘Oprah chai tea’ ?? Well, all I know is that one day there was a chai tea latte, and now there is a Oprah chai tea latte. I stood there in awe. I literally thought of about seven jokes on the spot just to go with that. I get it, Starbucks bought Teavana. So now they have to throw Teavana on their menu. But isn’t Oprah big enough all ready? There WAS a chai tea latte before there was an Oprah, right?! It’s ridiculous. I don’t care about Oprah. I think she is way overrated anyway. I mean, yea she’s cool, I have watched some of her shows before and I find them somewhat entertaining and/or mind-stimulating, but there are WAY better things in the world than Oprah. There are WAY better things for Starbucks to add to their sacred menu than Oprah’s flippin’ signature. Like, blue bell cheese balls. I would much rather have a blue bell cheese ball with my chai tea latte than an Oprah. [end of rant.]

In the midst of my Mathematic affair, I have been trying to keep my tree alive. I bought a pink Hibiscus, and it is lovely. Every day I would tend to its needs, but the past week and a half I have deserted it, just popping in on it every now and then. But as long as I feed it, it grows for me. Last week the leaves were turning yellow. Today, they bathed in the sun and drank up all the loveliness of the earth and are now boasting in their green-ness, so I don’t feel as bad.

My three herb plants are overflowing with wealth, just waiting for me to snip and cook. But because of the math and inhabiting the library, not much home cooking has been taking place. I feel like a ‘coffee-tared’ carbohydrate. I need to cook again. Next week is not far. I will write more soon, to anyone else finishing finals, may the life of the pink hibiscus be with you.

Returning now to my academic doom.



  1. Can I ask what you are studying for? I got lucky in college because our math requirement was called “quantitative reasoning.” There was a theory of debate class that counted for that. Long story short, I didn’t take any math classes in college. I’m not that bad at math, but man, do I ever hate doing it. Here’s hoping your summer classes are more fun.

    1. Oh gee, that would have been so much better than this math class. I am
      majoring in Psychology and minoring in English lit, but because it is a Bachelor of Science, I had to fulfill the math requirement. I am down to my last breath here. Everything is due on Sunday, so I am hoping tomorrow I will be able to bang it all out, and then no more math ever!! 🙂 What did you study?

  2. I enjoyed your piece. Long ago for me, but I once did a Psychology BSc. I look back on my student days as a lot of fun – except for the finals! Hope all went well with the maths.

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