It’s So Hard To Get Lost

We are surrounded by everything. And unless we choose to ‘get away’, we can’t. Streets and stores and houses, and oh that wi-fi… it is everywhere. We can’t hide, we are always ‘connected’, always moving, always browsing and posting and clicking and scrolling.

The past few months I have felt so overwhelmed with being surrounded. I feel crowded by this normal way of living, like there is nowhere to go.

My heart hums the song of ocean waves, and longs to wander deep into the emerald forests of that island I call home. Where I can hear nothing but the birds. Where I can go out so far, and up so high that my cell phone wouldn’t work anyway.

I just want to get lost.

I want to throw the GPS to the fire and detach from everything that tries to track me- just leave me alone.

So I took my bike and I rode my way through a Robert Frost poem. A beautiful green forest, lined with high rock and dripping water. The road turned and dipped and the rocks crackled under the steady turn of my bicycle. Faster I go, I pick up a little wind. Free.

The trees are passing so fast, I can hear nothing but myself.


photo by me 



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