Train Of Thought

Today was supposed to be all about my paper. It was due yesterday, but I wasn’t finished. This was a hard one, and I even asked the professor for clarification, twice. I still didn’t understand what she wanted, but I planned my outline for it and sat down to start writing.

And I should add, I woke up to rain today, overcast, everything white and gray- my weather.

As I sat down in silence to write my paper, I didn’t know what to write. I sat there for awhile, I tried a couple different thesis statements, but it just wouldn’t flow.

The rain was dripping and everything gray and lovely.

I took a break from my unsuccessful paper writing to clean my living room. I dusted and mopped. Then I was about to sit down to start writing again, but I found bugs in my mint plant. Tiny green bugs that turned into flies. They were everywhere. I was disgusted and angry and freaked out. I spent an hour and a whole carton of disinfectant wipes just on my window ledge where the mint plant sat.

Overwhelmed and flustered I sat down and decided to eat supper and watch Friends. But the sauce I had with my chicken nuggets was gross, and I started feeling stomach sick, and every prick and itch felt like tiny bugs crawling on me- you know how it is.

I tried another sauce and moved to a different chair, and managed to finish the food.

I was going to clean my kitchen.
But instead I vented to a friend about the green bugs.
I should probably go back to my paper.

6:30. I sit down to start my paper, again.
Should I get the snacks ready for the party tonight?
No, paper.

But somehow I am getting the fondue machine ready.
Then I cover it up, in fear of lurking leftover bugs.

I want a snickers.
I eat a mini snickers.


I probably shouldn’t have eaten that.

I go to light my cinnamon candle and I prepare to sit in my comfy chair by the window in my room without the mint plant.
I think to myself that I really need a hot cup of tea because my tooth hurts because my filling cracked.
I knew that dentist didn’t fill it right, it always felt weird.
What a waste of money.
She was young.

I make a lime gelato green tea and I sit.

7:15. The sky is so nice, I love how the green trees perch up over the roofs of the apartment buildings. I hear crickets, but I’m okay with it because they are outside. The rain drips a little and the sky is still gray.

I open WORD on my iPad and stare at it. This paper doesn’t make any sense. What’s the purpose of this anyway.
Is she going to take marks off it for being late? She knows I’ve been having a a hard time with it.

I only have two weeks left of my undergrad degree, I have to get a good grade.

I just don’t know what my points in this paper should be.

7:45. I haven’t read any poetry in awhile.
Emily Dickinson can be so random.
Oh, I really like this poem, I think I’ll share it!
No, it’s too long, I won’t.

People are coming over in 2 hours, I need to write my paper.

I haven’t been on WordPress in awhile.
Oh, I don’t have the app on my ipad…

I think I will write a post.
8:30. I have written a post.

8:35. Why does it keep correcting how I spell gray? Wait, is it grey? Have I been spelling it wrong?

I am confused about the spelling of the colour gray.

8:40. I need to write my paper

but I should probably wash my hair.


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