Cold Hands

It’s been a long, hot summer for me and I’ve been itching for a blast of frost bite. The weather hasn’t been as cold as I would like, but it’s slowly getting there. In the middle of October I had a day where I had to wear a scarf and a pair of lace-ups, I was on the moon! I practically danced my way to Starbucks to get a Salted Caramel Mocha. But the cold was only a tease when just the next day I was sweating in the heavy scarf around my neck and cursing the lingering heat.

The past couple days though I have adjusted my temperature a little and wore a fall coat without dying. My feet are a little colder and my hot drinks are tasting a little better. But it wasn’t until this morning when I looked at the big tree outside my house did I realize that the season is changing.

Since Autumn’s been here, I’ve swooned over the towering tree and its royal dress of orange and yellow. She’s shed her whispers onto my lawn, and laid out her leaves like lazy pinecones. The crunch was crunchy and I wondered how anyone could ever rake up such precious things and throw them away.

All I wanted to do was lye naked in them.

As I was getting ready to go to Home Depot this morning, I looked up at the tree and noticed a different site, I could see the sun shining right through it! I ran my eyes up and down its long sturdy arms and thought of how bare it looked. Winter has had its hand, I thought, shaking the rugged thing of all its glory to let us all know he’s on his way. Though I felt sad for my tree, I heard a different whisper in the wind as it brushed behind my hair and down the back of my my neck,

frosty lover is coming.”

My hands suddenly got cold.

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