Downton Abbey Season 4 Thoughts

I finally finished Season 4 of Downton Abbey.

I dreamt about it and have been thinking about it ever since that it motivated me to take time to get back in the swing of things and write a post today about it.

Season 5 started the beginning of this month, so I was about four episodes behind before I could start watching that. I watched all four episodes yesterday, finishing the last one around 2am. I rather liked the last scene of Mrs. Hughes and Carson holding hands, wading out to the ocean, I feel like whenever these series end, there should be a big wedding or something between them.

I was dreading they were going to end season 4 with something devastating like what happened to Sybil and Matthew in previous seasons. I was a bit sad that Daisy didn’t go away with the young American chap, but of course if she did she wouldn’t be on the show anymore. I guess that’s why they sent Ivy off with him, I assume she’s gone for good.

But do you know who I was sad to see gone? Alfred. Oh Alfred, such a sincere, warm, rustic Ginger. Even though he said good-bye to Daisy, and everyone else for good, I have this small hope inside that he will return and marry Daisy and they will be madly in love and open a restaurant together.

And what’s going on with the two dudes chasing Mary? I’m like *so* over Mary. I mean, I like her and her business-minded self, but I don’t see why she’s being chased by two of them, she’s not that great. Anyone feel me? But if we had to choose, who would you pick? There’s Anthony (Lord Gillingham), and Charles Blake. Honestly, as soon as Charles Blake came on the scene with his snobbish nose and quick wit, I thought he’d be perfect for Mary. Lord Gillingham is kind, hansom and cares a great deal for Mary, but I think she would overpower him, and knowing Mary, she doesn’t want to overpower the man, but instead wants a man just as strong, so that she can be challenged. For these reasons I think Charles Blake would be the best for her.

Did anyone think the little chemistry between Harold Levinson and the young Miss Olsop [? that how you spell it] was real? I mean I was super skeptical the whole time, assuming it was all for his money. But then she seemed to have a few genuine threads about her. She said a bunch of times “Any lady would be lucky to marry you.” She said she would write, so I’m wondering if anything will come of that. If anything, I think it would be cute.

I was so moved at how tender and loving Mr. Bates acted towards Anna when he found out what was done to her. I like how they never pretended or covered up the extremity of what happened. I feel like the show revealed how they both felt about what happened, and how the two characters were learning how to deal with it in their own way, and also how painful that journey can be.

What do you think about Mr. Bates killing Green? I was afraid that Mary was going to turn him in, or keep pressing it. But when she through the ticket in the fire, that put all my suspicions to rest. Do you think it was justified that she, and Mrs. Hughes decided to swallow the most likely fact that Babes killed Green? Because it was to avenge his wife’s honour? Or do you think the law should have dealt with it?

What I’m hoping to see in the next season…

Edith getting her daughter back, telling her family about it, and finally feeling free and good about her decision. Also, for her to find her man.

Mary to pick Charles Blake.

Thomas to peace out… I seriously can’t stand that manipulative bully, I want to throw seven pillows at him.

Branson to stay forever because He’s Irish and I love him.

Everything about Cybil to have been a bad dream and really she’s alive… {I can hope here}.

I am going to watch the two new episodes tonight or tomorrow, so we’ll see what takes place.



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